Plastic Fabrication, Bonding and Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

The Plastic Works Ltd is more than just a vacuum forming company, we have extensive knowledge and experience in additional services and processes such as plastic fabrication, bonding and ultrasonic and seam welding.


 Plastic FabricationInvariably our customers require not only Vacuum Forming but plastic Fabrication as well. By use of Line Bending Machines and CNC trimming we are able to fabricate flat sheet material.

Assembly techniques may involve Ultrasonic and Seam welding, Adhesive Bonding and mechanical fittings, all of these are utilised in our extensive product assembly and finishing capability.

Solvent / Adhesive Bonding
Plastic Bonding

This is used where vacuum formed assemblies are not permitted mechanical fittings or a noticeable weld mark. Solvents and adhesives offer the advantages of a constant seal along the edge where it is applied.

Seam Welding (hot melt)

The joining of two parts by applying a bead of plastic along two mating faces - similar to a metal weld. This is achieved by running a plastic extruded stick into a heated gun, which melts the plastic as it passes through its nozzle to create a continuous molten strip of plastic. Once the bead has cooled, it is virtually unbreakable and is waterproof.

Ultrasonic Welding

This involves the assembly of two or more vacuum formed or fabricated parts by applying an oscillating nib to create a secure ultra high frequency weld. Ideally suited for applying mounting brackets and inner skins to plastic mouldings.

Fabric / Vinyl Applications

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Using our experienced external partners, we are able to incorporate various materials into an assembly. Mostly this is evident in interiors for Automotive applications.

Painting, Printing, Chroming & Metalising

Using our external partners we are able to offer a managed service for outsourcing of specialised finishes and requirements such as: -
  • Paint to colour codes
  • Metalising
  • Screen Printing
  • Plastic Chroming

Using all of our experience and product knowledge, our aim is to provide a one stop plastic solution.
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