Vacuum Formed Products, Accessories, Components

These are just a few examples of Vacuum Formed products and parts we are able to manuafcture.

(See Product Image Gallery for some examples of vacuum formed parts)

Arm Rests
Basin - Caravan
Bath Seats
Bespoke Packaging
Blister Packs
Body Form
Body Shell – Radio Controlled Cars
Box Inserts – Product Location Trays
Brochure Stands
Bumpers - Go Kart
Car top Signs
Carrier Trays
Chiller Units
Commode Pan & Lid
Component Trays
Chiller Unit Enclosers and internal covers
Commode Pan & Lid
Concrete Pouring Moulds
Consevatory Roof Cappings
Control Panels
Dashboards & instrument panels
Disposable Packaging
Document Holder
Door panels
Engine Covers
ESD Trays
Facia End Caps
Hoist Covers
Honda CB1000R Hugger
Interior cladding panels
Kawasaki ER6 Hugger
Kitcar Accessories
Light End Caps
Literature stands
Machine Covers
Machine Guards
Machine Panels
Motor Covers
Nestable Trays
Nose Cones
Panel Protectors
Perfume Display Trays
Point of Sale
Pouring Moulds For Garden Slabs
Protective Covers
Pump Covers
Reusable Trays
Roof racks
Side Pods – Go Kart
Signs & Signage
Soap Pouring Moulds
Speaker Housing
Stackable Trays
Stillage Trays
Transit Trays
Wheel Arch External
Wheel Arch Internal
Wheel Covers 4x4 - Click here for size guide


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