5 Axis CNC Routing Services

5-axis CNC routing technology offers enhanced quality 5 Axis CNC Routing and accuracy of trim on both complex 3 dimensional formings and straightforward flat profiles, with faster and repeatable results.

CNC Routing

All programs are written in house which guarantees tolerances  are met and any modifications can be addressed immediately. 5 Axis CNC routing and Trimming is a vital process in today’s market for repetition and accuracy of both shape and profile!

The Plastic Works Ltd manufacture and develop all of it’s own CNC jigging, which enables us to fully dictate production lead times. 

3 Axis CNC Routing 

3 Axis CNC trimming (flat bed routing) is ideally suited for machining on flat sheet which requires no jig or programming, it simply reads the data from a technical drawing in dxf. format and determines the cutting paths from the outlines of the profile sketch.
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